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Trainwreck - 4.5 Stars

Amy Schumer is a genius and this edgy comedy proves it.

Amy Schumer has been one of the most under appreciated comedians in America for a few years now, every now and then one of her outrageous skits would make headlines, but then everyone would seem to forget about her. I’m sure that this film will cement her place in comedy and more importantly in mainstream cinema.

There is no scenario where everyone will enjoy this film; it just isn’t going to happen. It, much like everything else Schumer has ever done is outrageous and edgy. Schumer wrote and stared in the film and she is perfect. I will tell you why this film lost ½ a star, there was one joke – which I will not repeat – that I think just pushed the boundaries a little too far and that’s saying something for a movie like this. Bill Hader is also sublime, but the real, surprising standout is LeBron James – how is a sportsman so funny? If he wanted it he could have a career in comedy! There are so many other wonderful performances too from the likes of Tilda Swinton to Vanessa Bayer and the wonderful cameos from Leslie Jones and Daniel Radcliffe. These purely enhance the film taking it to the next level (well, mainstream).

Overall it’s so close to perfect – it’s real without being disheartening, it has messages and above all it’s funny. Enjoy it.

4.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Universal Pictures

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