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Since 2012...

Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage have been bringing audiences the best in theatrical entertainment since 2012. We have toured shows all across Australia to both audience and critical acclaim. Details of our past and current projects are below!

2020 Projects

Already in 2020 we've produced a great array of projects ​we're extremely proud of. All of our touring dates for the remainder of 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19. When we're able to reschedule these we shall announce new dates and future projects. We look forward to bringing you more live shows when the global climate allows.

[Late Night] Panel Show 

★★★★ "Join the fun" Fourth Wall.

The team behind the cult Gluttony smash '[Late Night] GameShow' are back for a fourth huge year of causing mayhem in the late night tents of the Gluttony park.

This show will never run on time, often break some scenery and occasionally offend someone. You'll love it.

UK comedian, Andrew Silverwood (★★★★ Laugh Kookaburra/The Adelaidian) is on his mission to get his own TV panel show or prove once at for all that he cannot be trusted with such a thing. With a rotating panel of Fringe Celebrities.

P.S. someone invite ABC, BBC, Comedy Central or Netflix etc. pls. k. thnx.

★★★★ “It's fun, it doesn't require much thinking, and it's a great excuse to get some laughter happening for 60 minutes of quality banter” - by Tema , Weekend Notes

Andrew Silverwood: Call Me Janice

"If you put me in a show, change my name. Call me Janice."
"No Thanks! Janice is my mum's name."
A show about the water in Disneyland, Brits meeting koalas, having a dog and accidentally taking animal tranquilizers. Stand-up & storytelling from award-winning, critically acclaimed cheeky London chap, Andrew Silverwood.

★★★★ “A force to be reckoned with and a mainstay in the stand up comedy industry for a long, long time...” - Fatema, Weekend Notes

★★★★ "Quick-wit, dripping sarcasm and self-deprecating jokes make for a solid hour of laughter" Adelaidian

★★★★ "A must see" Fourth Wall

★★★★ "Funny, Likeable, Honest" Laugh Kookaburra

Benjamin Maio Mackay's (Please) Validate Me

A comedy show seeking your approval. Multi-award nominated, 5 star performer Benjamin Maio Mackay has been through some sh*t. Now he's got some stories to tell, hopefully they'll make you laugh (or maybe even cry). Either way please come make him feel better about his otherwise meaningless existence.

★★★★★ "Hilarious" Glam Adelaide.

“A charismatic and captivating storyteller…“Combining honest reflection, clever observations, sarcasm and song, he is nothing if not entertaining as he shares intimate aspects of his colourful life…he’ll make you laugh; he’ll make you think and even squirm in your seat” - Fringe Feed

 ★★★★★ "A must see" - Fringe Feed Perth Audience Review

★★★★1/2 "Genuinely Funny" Herald Sun.

★★★★ The Adelaide Advertiser.

★★★★ "Fabulous" The Clothesline

"Dynamic and gripping" Fringe Review UK.

"Damn impressive" AU Review.

"Enigmatic as f**k" Magnus Danger Magnus.

Disney Delights

Be taken on a magical, musical journey through the biggest and best Disney songs, from Mary Poppins to Frozen! Relive all your favourite enchanting songs performed by Benjamin Maio Mackay (Great Detectives) and Laura Desmond (socially [un]acceptable) in this family friendly affair. “The two performers absolutely take you on a magical adventure of a wide variety of Disney songs showcasing their impressive vocals” - by Kristy Dee, Weekend Notes

Dr Selflove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Thights

Unfortunately, growing up happens to everyone. Along the way, some things stick with us; a comment from someone you thought you knew, or an attitude towards an object that you love. How do these things shape us? A show which poses more questions than it answers, explore vulnerability, change and strength from a female perspective with Dr Selflove. Directed by Benjamin Maio Mackay.


★★★★ "Natural and emotive performer" The Advertiser.

"Desmond's stage presence is at once casual and controlled" Collage Adelaide.

"Unique and commanding, in the most delicate of ways" The AU Review.

"Honest, brave and thought provoking" Great Scott.

Past Projects

Great Detectives 2!


In 2019 Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage presented a sequel to their smash-hit, Great Detectives. The new show featured much loved characters, Johnny Dollar and Candy Matson in brand new stories! The show received 5-Star reviews and audience acclaim during its debut sell-out run in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe. 2 New Mysteries! 1950s detectives Candy Matson & Johnny Dollar shone in their first ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ show (Glam Adelaide), now they’re back! Be immersed in a world of excitement as we recreate the experience of attending a 1950s radio recording. So come along & join us for a night of new mysteries, comedy & intrigue! “Not to be missed” - Theatre Now Starring Emma Bargery, Eden Trebilco, Jennifer Barry and Benjamin Maio Mackay this show is one not to miss! 8 Shows only!


#BunnyPastards - Hardly Trivial Trivia


Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage along with Ben Sorensen Enterprises were delighted to present the comedy duo Ben Sorensen and Benjamin Maio Mackay in their debut show together. #bunnypastards was a crowd favourite in the Adelaide Fringe, audiences loved it and the debut season was sold out! These two podcasters are sure to delight with wit, wisdom and terrible dad jokes... Join two of Australia’s favourite podcasters, narcissistic nihilist Ben Sorensen and sadistically sarcastic Benjamin Maio Mackay for a night of improv, trivia, pop culture and comedy. Prepare for wit, wisdom, high brow dad jokes and some very black humour…This is certainly a night not to miss! 2 Shows only, March 14 and 15!


Great Detectives  - 6 Award Nominations!


Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage had our smash-hit, Great Detectives of Old Time Radio Live tour Australia over 2016, 2017 and 2018 to audience, and critical acclaim. 


Join us for an evening of Mystery, Comedy and Intrigue! The 1950s were the golden age of radio drama. Now you can relive 3 classic mysteries live on stage. Be immersed as this show recreates before your very eyes the experience of attending a 1950s radio drama recording, with scripts from old favourites Candy Matson and Yours Truly Johnny Dollar! 


This production features a phenomenal cast of Australian actors including, Benjamin Maio Mackay, Eden Trebilco, Julia Sciacca, and Jennifer Barry. Prepare to be taken back to the 1950s in this entertaining and intriguing historic recreation! 


The revised version of the show opened in September during the Sydney Fringe 2016, before touring for over 25 shows! The show has earned 5 Star Reviews and audience acclaim. After a 2016 Adelaide season the show returned to Adelaide Oval during Fringe for 3 more sell-out shows.


Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage has brought Australians critically acclaimed theatrical productions since 2013 and founder Benjamin Maio Mackay shares his excitement at taking this show around Australia. “It resonated with so many members of our audience in the 2015 Adelaide Fringe and I’m ecstatic that we’ll be able to perform this new version to audiences all over Australia. It has the right mix of comedy, drama and history - it really appeals to all ages and tastes.” 


AWARD NOMINATIONS: Broadway World Sydney Theatre Awards 2016

Best Play

Best Actor - Eden Trebilco

Best Actor - Benjamin Maio Mackay

Best Director - Benjamin Maio Mackay

Best Actress - Julia Sciacca

Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Barry


“A Performance Not to Be Missed!” - Theatre Now


5 Stars - Glam Adelaide

“An entertaining experience” 4 Stars - Adelaide Theatre Guide 

Matthew Reilly's Ice Station Live

Best selling Australian author Matthew Reilly announced a Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage audio drama production of his number 1 best selling novel Ice Station:



Josh Mensch as Scarecrow

Mary Rose Angley as Fox

Victoria Morgan as Sarah Hensliegh

Benjamin Maio Mackay as Book

Jennifer Barry as Kirsty

with Scott Reynolds, Katherine Wicker, James Edwards, Aaron Broomhall, Sebastian Cooper, Christophe Pasquier & Adam Bates



Preachrs Podcast OnLine and OnStage is delighted to be bringing you a full cast audio drama of Matthew Reilly’s acclaimed action thriller novel Ice Station. Ice Station tells the story of a team of US divers, who vanish while exploring three thousand feet beneath the ice shelf. After sending out an SOS, the Wilkes Ice Station draws a rapid deployment team of Marines…and someone else! A horrific firefight, a plunge into a killer whale infested pool and a battle for survival is what makes Ice Station riveting. In Matthew Reilly’s words, “It’s time to bring Ice Station to life!” 


Actor, director and writer Benjamin Maio Mackay (owner of Preachrs Podcast OnLine and OnStage) has adapted Ice Station into an audio drama and in the Adelaide Fringe Festival the project will be piloted with a live reading of the first 3 parts. This reading will feature a hugely talented Adelaide ensemble cast, as well as sound effects to help engage the audience in this exciting story. Benjamin describes this project as one of his most enjoyable to date and explains that he is truly honoured to be working with such an iconic Australian text.


The show received audience and critical acclaim.

Great Detectives of Old Time Radio LIVE!

The 1940s were the golden age of radio drama and now you can relive 3 of those stories live on stage. Be immersed as this show recreates before your very eyes the experience of attending a 1940s radio drama recording. The scripts are from old favourites Dragnet, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar and Candy Matson!


Dragnet is possibly the most famous crime drama from the era, as all the scripts are based on actual cases and they were transcribed from police reports. Dragnet is considered one of the best police procedural shows of all time!


Yours Truly Johnny Dollar was one of the longest running radio shows of the time and it’s all based around the “action packed expense account of Johnny Dollar private insurance investigator!” 


Candy Matson was always finding herself in tricky situations and always managed to help the police in their investigations. Being one of the only female investigators of the time it’s no wonder her show was another one of the most popular radio shows of the time!


Featuring a stellar cast of:

Benjamin Maio Mackay

Michael Allen

Julia Sciacca

Eden Trebilco 

Therese Hornby

Jennifer Barry 

and Brian Knott as the Announcer

For details on our shows prior to 2014 please head to the "History" page.


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