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Tickled - 4 Stars

Strong, unnerving documentary puts on display the dangers of money and power.

Journalist David Farrier stumbles upon a mysterious tickling competition online. As he delves deeper he comes up against fierce resistance, but that doesn’t stop him getting to the bottom of a story stranger than fiction.

It’s the pure strangeness that draws you in from the outset, for a documentary to be entertaining is a pretty incredible feat - yet Tickled is enthralling. The lengths to which David Farrier and his offsides went to are incredible - he stumbled across a dangerous syndicate, were millions of dollars where involved and kept digging. The cinematography isn’t anything to rave about, but the film’s score is strong and useful to build tension in the climatic moments.

Overall Tickled is a creepy film, but I can’t recommend it more highly! Go see this film and support New Zealand journalists.

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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