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The Secret Life of Pets - 1 Star

The longest 80 minutes of my life.

Max (Louis C.K.) is a spoiled terrier who enjoys a comfortable life in a New York building until his owner adopts Duke, a giant and unruly canine. During their walk outside, they encounter a group of ferocious alley cats and wind up in a truck that's bound for the pound. Luckily, a rebellious bunny named Snowball swoops in to save the doggy duo from captivity. In exchange, Snowball demands that Max and Duke join his gang of abandoned pets on a mission against the humans who've done them wrong.

Children’s films often cater to adult audiences in some way shape of form. Hits like Inside Out, Toy Story, Finding Dory etc. all have relatable aspects and interesting jokes for older audiences. They are all great films. However The Secret Life of Pets, not only failed to enthral me, but I watched it at an empty cinema.

This movie lacked interesting plot, dialogue or characters - the famous voices behind the characters fail to accomplish any vocal diversity and no-one’s bothered to direct them. People clearly phoned this one in!

What was good about it? The animation - it does look utterly exquisite - its from the team behind Despicable Me (which is good) and Minions (atrocious) - so it could’ve gone either way, it just went the wrong one.

Overall avoid it. It’s not good.

1 Star

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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