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The LEGO Ninjago Movie - 3 Stars

Funny moments can’t hold this slightly uninspired Lego film together.

Shunned by everyone for being the son of an evil warlord, a teenager seeks to defeat him with the help of his fellow ninjas.

The Lego Movie and the Lego Batman Movie cemented Lego’s place in meta, family comedy films. This new instalment still has funny jokes and is very self-aware, but doesn’t have the same follow-through as the previous two films. The animation also seems slightly different, the previous two films used Lego throughout (Lego mountains, water etc.), whereas this new film has Lego characters, buildings and cars , but opts for realistic landscaping. While not major, it does distract from the illusion.

The voice cast are strong, Dave Franco and Justin Theroux both handle the emotion and comedy well. Jackie Chan, however is the true star.

Overall not the best Lego movie, but a still a fun ride.

3 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment

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