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Terminator: Judgement Day - 3D

The iconic sci-fi film returns to screens over 20 years after its first release!

I’m not here to review the actual content of the film, which I love. It’s by far the best of the Terminator franchise. This re-release is an “improved version” boasting 4K resolution, new CGI effects and of course it’s in 3D.

The 4K restoration is excellent, battle sequences, especially the 2029 scenes look polished, shiny and crisp. The 3D was underutilized, but gave the re-release a different edge. The new CGI effects were certainly better and I enjoyed them, but I know many fans won’t appreciate this update as it takes away some of the 80s joy.

Overall a fun new way to see the classic film in cinemas once again.

3.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Picture This!

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