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Ted 2 - 2 Stars

This movie had its funny moments and at times I was laughing out loud, but overall – as most comedy sequels do, it missed the mark.

The cameos in this movie were fantastic; Liam Neeson was the standout and again proves that somebody should give him a full-length comedy film. David Hasselhoff also offered a hilarious cameo, as did Jay Leno. Mark Wahlberg’s performance wasn’t “bad” per se, but his role and written dialogue was. Amanda Seyfried can deliver some great performances, but this wasn’t one of them. However – her rather misplaced song was sung brilliantly. Seth McFarlane voices Ted and the character isn’t that likable, which makes it hard to empathise with him during the film.

Overall this movie is going to be loved by some and while I got some laughs out of it, the story lacked, the performances were mixed and the cameos were the best part.

2 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Universal Entertainment

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