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Sully - 3 Stars

Tom Hanks is outstanding in a mixed bag of a film.

American pilot Chesley Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) becomes a national hero when the plane he was flying was disabled after striking a flock of geese. Shortly after taking off from New York's LaGuardia Airport, both engines were disabled and he quickly determined that landing in the Hudson River was his only option. He successfully glided the plane to a water landing, saving all of the 155 passengers and crew members on board.

My issues with this all come down to direction and editing. The film is shown played in non-sequential order and I think it’s the downfall of the movie. There are also unusual/unnecessary flashbacks to a younger Tom Hanks, all of which bog the movie down. I also wasn’t a fan of the nightmare sequences - as I feel they in-substantialise  the actual PTSD effects Sully was suffering. The CGI of the plan crashing was also lacking in quality.

However the actors were all superb - Tom Hanks offers his 2nd riveting performance for the year and it could easily be another Oscar win. His portrayal is emotional, defiant and brave - he really encapsulates the character. At times, however the music felt overly dramatic and out of balance, which could distract from the outstanding performers.

Overall not a great film, but not terrible and it’s another opportunity for Tom Hanks to prove just how sublime of an actor he is.

3 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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