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Straight Outta Compton - 5 Stars

This superb, honest, bio-pic is hands down one of the best films of the year.

Gangsta Rap is certainly not my genre of music, far from it. Honestly until seeing this film I hadn’t heard any of the music played. While I still don’t like the music style seeing the backstory and the fight N.W.A went through to have their music played was incredible.

Paul Giamattia is superb is his role as the group’s manager, he plays “salesman” equally as well as he plays the “backstabber” and watching him play out his character’s journey is sensational. O’Shea Jackson Jr. is actually the son of Ice Cube, the rapper who he portrays in this film. Obviously this gives him extra insight into the role and his performance is incredible. Jason Mitchell plays the late Eazy-E and while his character isn’t that likable the journey he goes on and the change in personality leading up to the character’s death is a spectacle to watch.

The filming looks amazing, the supporting cast are strong and while there are some backstory elements left untouched and some loose ends it doesn’t affect one’s enjoyment of the film.

I don’t know how much the script exaggerates, but there are some truly remarkable scenes in this film where you question the behaviour of the police, the American public and the American government.

This is a truly superb, eye-opening film that is delivered in a brutally honest fashion.

5 Stars

Written by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Universal Entertainment

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