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She’s Funny That Way - 4 Stars

A really enjoyable comedy film, that actually delivers on all its jokes.

Director Peter Boganovich is most commonly known for his film Noises Off and while he hasn’t made a film in a quite this movie still feels very much like his earlier work. There is a direct tribute to noises off with one scene that involves a lot of “door” comedy.

The cast and their comedic timing is superb, Owen Wilson and Kathryn Hahn play husband and wife and their chemistry is superb. Imogen Poots’ accent takes a little getting used to, but her performance is strong. Rhys Ifans and Jennifer Anniston constantly steel any scene they are in and their performances are excellent.

This movie has a very Woody Allen film to it from the music and the opening credits to the framing of the shots. It certainly doesn’t feel like a rip-off in any way, but more these directors have similar styles. So if you enjoy a Woody Allen comedy, you’ll adore this film.

Overall it isn’t the most intelligent or well-written comedy of all time. What it is, however is a really enjoyable, fun piece of escapism cinema that I hope many people will love as much as I do!

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Buena Vista International

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