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Pitch Perfect 2 - 4.5 Stars

This triumphant return of the Barden Bellas is aca-awesome!

I had no idea of what to expect from the sequel to Pitch Perfect - I really didn’t see where the story could progress to. However I was utterly amazed as this story unfolded before me, I have honestly not enjoyed a film as much as this in many years.

The music is superb - Anna Kendrick’s vocals are still amazing and new comer Hailee Steinfeld provided a different sound for the group. As the film’s soundtrack is yet to be released I won’t spoil the wide range of songs you’ll be hearing in the film, but I assure you no matter how obscure your taste in music there’ll be a song for you! Yes, Jessie J has penned an original song for the film and it is amazingly performed by the bellas.

The acting in this movie was never going to be anything special and while everyone kept in character there are certainly flaws in some actors portrayals. Elizabeth Banks (who also produced and directed), along with John Michael Higgins steal their scenes with their cynical, politically incorrect commentary on the competition.

Often sequels are never as good, we have an exception here. This movie has a better plot, a better cast, better music, better guest stars and the humour is actually funny - and there is not a hint of crass humour to be found.

Overall this is a very enjoyable musical romp!

4.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Universal Entertainment

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