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Personal Shopper - 4.5 Stars

Captivating psycho-sexual thriller is a French masterpiece.

Olivier Assayas has the incredible ability to create a power play on screen. These characters may rarely even interact, but still the way one dominates the other is noticeable in the film’s tension. Personally I thought his previous film, Clouds of Sils Maria was one of the best films of 2014, his characters’ are compelling and realistic. Australia is the 7th-last nation to receive the film, it played film festivals all last year and officially opened in December. I was almost sure we were never going to see this. However, I’m glad we did.

Kristen Stewart continues to prove to the world she is more than a “Twilight” star. Her performance in this film is Oscar worthy, there’s a casual understatement to everything she does - but you can tell every move is calculated. It’s sheer brilliance. The rest of the cast, including Lars Eidinger are outstanding.

With a unique plot, stunning cinematography and a fantastic horror/drama/thriller script this French film is bound to delight any cinephile.

4.5  Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Rialto Distribution

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