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Paris Can Wait - 1 Star

After creating zero buzz on last year’s film festival circuits this movie finally fumbles into cinemas.

The wife of a successful movie producer takes a car trip from the south of France to Paris with one of her husband's associates.

Writer/director Eleanor Copploa makes her feature film debut (at 80 years of age), however the lack of narrative structure, interesting characters and frankly odd cinematography easily makes audiences disengage. Diane Lane works well with the material she’s given and Arnaud Viard is excellent, but some of the dialogue is so overly scripted no-one could make it feel natural. Any of the direct to camera material just makes you uncomfortable and Alec Baldwin plays the most generic inattentive businessman in the history of film.

Overall while some of the conversations over food work the rest of the movie doesn’t. One to avoid.

1 Star

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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