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One Eyed Girl - ? Stars

I have never seen a film I just simply can’t process. I have literally no words to describe One Eyed Girl. This is a South Australian made film and I’m proud of the fact we have produced something so thought provoking – yet at the same time I wish it was easier to understand.

Something very important to note is the quality of the acting, our local Australian actors did an absolutely sublime job of pulling this piece together – without it I don’t think I would’ve felt the way I did about One Eyed Girl – I think I just would’ve hated it. While I can’t describe how I feel about this a combination of horrified, physically sick and awestruck would best describe how I felt as I watched the second half of the feature.

Putting this movie in a specific genre is also impossible – it fits nowhere.  You may wonder what the “? Stars” means, it means that I honestly do not know how to feel about this film, I don’t know if I liked it or not. If you are prepared to be shocked and horrified by the film I do encourage you to watch it, it will certainly create conversation. However, if you are looking for a traditional, genre-specific film for a mainstream audience I do urge you to look elsewhere.

I do think it is important to note that no-one in that cinema understood what they had just watched, for comparison I asked my guest for the film to also write a brief few sentences about the film which are included below. If you do watch this film, please let me know what you thought – I am honestly curious (

Overall one for people who have a strong disposition and are happy to experience something completely different.

? Stars

By Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

I don't quite know how to process One Eyed Girl. It starts off with a normal Thriller opening, but 20 minutes into this film, and you're taken in a completely different direction. And it turns into something I can't even describe. I felt so many emotions during this film: hope, fear and horror... Unquestionable horror.  From the get go, you feel like something's gone wrong with the main character, and it definitely has. But even once you find out what he has gone through, there's still this unrelenting foreboding in the air. The last half of this film is almost stifling with tension and I'm oddly proud that this film has come out of South Australia.

Australian films for the past couple of years have, more often than not, been about cops or mobsters. The same old things, time after time. One Eyed Girl is something completely different. Is this a good or bad thing? I have no idea. I don't even know how many stars to give it.

But it is not for the faint of heart...

? Stars

Review by Jennifer Barry

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