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My Old Lady - 4 Stars

This charming film has a stellar cast, wonderful cinematography and is enjoyable, even though it is slightly predictable.

Mathias, a down-and-out New Yorker, travels to Paris to liquidate a huge, valuable apartment he has inherited from his estranged father. Once there, however, he discovers a refined old woman, Mathilde, living in the apartment with her daughter, Chloé.

The film’s story is your average drama with occasional moments of comedy and there isn’t anything unique or special about it. However, the film’s leads Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline are superb and really make this a strong film. The story (by Israel Horovitz) is rather predictable from the outset and even though there are no major plot twists or surprises it is an honor to watch two of the best actors give outstanding performances. Actress Kristin Scott Thomas is the lesser-known member of the cast and while she is visibly outshine by her co-stars her performance is still strong. 

The film’s cinematography is also wonderful and cinematographer Michel Amathieu has really made use of the setting of Paris to make the film look visually rich. Due to Amathieu’s cinematography the apartment (that Kline’s character inherits) looks mystical and majestic, which also enhances how the film looks.

Overall the story isn’t one of the strongest, but watching Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline give superb performances in this dramatic film is a wonderful experience!

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of eOne Entertainment

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