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Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation - 4 Stars

The latest action installment in the Mission Impossible franchise delights in every way.

There are few movie franchises that get better the further into the films they get; this is the 5th Mission Impossible film and its best to date.

Tom Cruise is sublime, the character of Ethan Hunt is still just as “fresh” as ever and this film proves that you can never run out of ludicrous stunts to get your leading man to perform (Cruise does all his own stunts) – including holding his breath for 6 minutes underwater.

Jeremy Renner is equally as good as Cruise’s co-worker and Simon Pegg steps up from his technical aid role in “Ghost Protocol” and really gets the opportunity to shine. The thing that differentiates and makes this film better than the James Bond or Jason Bourne movies is that the female character is more than a mere “damsel in distress.” Rebecca Ferguson is superb in her role and her character is equally as ruthless as Cruise’s. I really hope she returns in the 6th instalment of this franchise.

Overall this is the best film in the franchise, it has a strong plot (for an action movie), great acting and it looks visually fantastic. It really is a lot of fun!

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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