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Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates - 3 Stars

A fun evening out guaranteed.

Delinquent brothers Michael and David Stangle frequently ruin family events with their dangerous antics. In order to prevent them from ruining their sister's upcoming wedding in Hawaii, their parents mandate that they attend the wedding with dates. Their appearance on The Wendy Williams Show to advertise themselves catches the attention of Tatiana and Alice. After pretending to be civilised and respectable, Tatiana and Alice secure Mike and Dave as their respective dates. However, when they get to Hawaii, Mike and Dave find that their dates are much more wild and unhinged than they anticipated.

The marketing for this film made it look dumb, over-sexualised and plain idiotic. However, by the end of the film I was invested in the well written characters and had thoroughly enjoyed the 100 minute journey. The humour is actually funny, sometimes Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza try and over-exaggerate the gags, but other than that the humour works. Zac Efron and Adam Devine really bring the emotional crux of the film - their acting is superior to their co-stars and they are able to eloquently switch between phrase and drama.

Overall it’s not an overly intelligent movie, but don’t let the bad marketing put you off. It’s fun, emotional and a really good night out.

3 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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