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Me Before You - 3.5 Stars

Full of cliches, but still had me in tears by the end.

With no clear direction in her life Lou, the quirky and creative 26-year-old goes from one job to the next in order to help her tight-knit family make ends meet. Her normally cheery outlook is put to the test, however, when she faces her newest career challenge. She becomes caregiver and companion to Will Traynor, a wealthy young banker who became wheelchair bound in an accident two years prior, and whose whole world changed dramatically in the blink of an eye. Embarking together on a series of adventures, both Lou and Will get more than they bargained for, and find their lives—and hearts—changing in ways neither one could have imagined. Oftentimes you find love where you least expect it. Sometimes it takes you where you never expected to go…

Emilia Clarke cements herself in cinema as a wonderful comedic actress. Her performance is a far cry from Game of Thrones, yet still brilliant. She is able to capture the viewers heart within minutes. Sam Claflin is also wonderful, though admittedly his role has less emotional diversity. Charles Dance and Jenna Coleman are also standouts in the ensemble cast.

The cinematography, writing, soundtrack and direction, however are all filled with romantic cliches. As much as I enjoyed this film - it was the first time in a long time that I wasn’t bored at any point in a movie - I do have to admit that there was nothing special about the production side. The writing was corny, the music was a little ridiculous and the direction heavily lacking. Yet somehow, above all the odds, I was captivated by these riveting characters and heartbreaking story.

If you’re prepared to have your heart broken by stunning performances this is the movie for you.

3.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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