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Magic in The Moonlight - 4 Stars

Woody Allen’s latest film is a wonderful movie, but maybe a little too fast.

A famous magician (Colin Firth) finishes a performance and afterwards an old friend and fellow illusionist greets him. Howard enlists Stanley to go with him to the French Riviera where a rich American family, has been taken in by a clairvoyant and mystic, Sophie (Emma Stone). Howard says that he has been unable to uncover the secrets behind her tricks and he admits that the more he watched her the more he believed she really has supernatural powers. So he would like Stanley, who has debunked charlatan mystics in the past, to help him prove she is a fraud.

While the storyline and script were both original and entertaining it could have been drawn out a little bit more. Especially as Colin Firth’s character motivations change so frequently and sometimes without too much spurring these changes.

The leading cast was excellent with both Colin Firth and Emma Stone giving amazing performances. The supporting cast was also strong with Jacki Weaver and Eileen Atkins giving stunning performances.

The movie was set in 1928 and the style of the cinematography and soundtrack reflected this very well. From the opening of the film it was all done as if it was a film from the period. The soundtrack consisted of old music from the period that really drew you into the film. Woody Allen’s mark is all over this film and I think it’s certainly one of his best!

Overall an entertaining and original film with a superb cast, and a great soundtrack, but it could have been drawn out a little bit longer!

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Movie screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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