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Last Cab to Darwin - .5 of a Star

It felt like I could’ve driven to Darwin myself in the time the movie took to finish.

This movie was just too drawn out, there was just too much to cover and it felt like they just kept adding and adding and adding to the script until they got everything they possibly wanted into the film. There is a reason there are editors on films, these people needed to step up and just cut things. I honestly think the whole character of Tilly could’ve been cut.

Michael Caton’s performance was strong, as was Jacki Weaver’s and Emma Hamilton’s. These three actors carried the film. The other stand out who wasn’t used enough was Ningali Lawford – her story with Caton’s character could’ve been the entire movie. It then may’ve been more enjoyable.

Unfortunately this film suffers far too much from a terrible script. Most of the actors are strong, but the material doesn’t make their job easy. I would certainly not advise you to see this Australian abomination.

.5 of a Star

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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