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Lady Macbeth - 4.5 Stars

The most unique and riveting presentation of Shakespeare in Modern Theatre.

Set in 19th century rural England, young bride who has been sold into marriage to a middle-aged man discovers an unstoppable desire within herself as she enters into an affair with a worker on her estate.

Shakespearian adaptations in film are rarely good, in fact most struggle to grasp the nuances of The Bard’s text. However, Alice Birch has taken some loose plot lines from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and turned it into a whole new story. I don’t think Shakespeare fans will be disappointed, but don't expect the story you know. The writing is superb, focusing on a very small group of characters. The dialogue flows, but silence is also used fittingly. The cinematography is outstanding and the score haunting. Florence Pugh is spellbinding in the lead role (Katherine) and Cosmo Jarvis and Christopher Fairbank also give noteworthy performances.

Overall a fascinating film about a truly evil human being, but the question remains, is she a victim of circumstance…

4.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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