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Infinitely Polar Bear - 4 Stars

Mark Ruffalo shines in this emotionally driven film.

A manic-depressive mess of a father tries to win back his wife by attempting to take full responsibility of their two young, spirited daughters, who don't make the overwhelming task any easier.

This movie is very powerful and Mark Ruffalo again proves that he is a sublime actor. Zoe Saldana seems rather wasted in this film; while some of her previous films have shown her talent in this her performance seemed very strained. Granted she didn’t have a lot of dialogue to work with, but her scenes still had emotional depth and could’ve been done a lot better. The two children in this film Imogene Wolodarsky and Ashley Aufderheide were both outstanding and they had a real connection with leading actor Mark Ruffalo.

This movie deals with issues of mental health that I don’t think are discussed enough in films and more importantly this movie shows that actual help is need and people can’t just “get over it.”

While this movie is an indie film I do believe it can be appreciated by a wider audience and though I know it won’t have a huge audience I strongly encourage everyone to see this emotionally driven, powerful movie – that still on occasion provides some lovely laughs.

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Icon Films

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