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Indivisible - 3 Stars

Dark drama takes an aim at the church.

2 young conjoined twin sisters live their life as local scene freaky phenomenon and singing stars, managed by their ignorant and irresponsible parents. As they grow up one of them starts questioning their situation and the fragile balance falls apart.

The script is the weakest aspect of the film, the characters - aside from the twins are shallow and meaningless. The actors do their best, but its twins Angela and Marianna Fontana who steal the piece. The film is too long, it only runs 104 minutes, but with three possible ending it goes with the bleak.

The cinematography and music are strong, but the message of the film is too confused for it to be enjoyed.

Overall not the strongest piece to display for the opening. The Lavazza Italian Film Festival runs nation-wide across Australia.

3 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of KMPR

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