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Everest - 4 Stars

Everest is a strong film that featured a few too many aerial shots of the actual mountain.

I didn’t mind this movie; it was a real life disaster movie, which of course makes it even more depressing. As far as real life story film adaptations go, this is certainly one of the more “blockbuster” like and I’m sure that will be a selling point at the box office. Actors Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin really do get the chance to shine. There were some elements of the film that were left unexplained – how some ropes weren’t tied and why the Oxygen tanks were empty (no spoilers in this – it’s a true story). That aside if you have dreamed of seeing Everest in 60 billion different wide and aerial shots this is your chance.

However, there were far too many characters and this often made the story more confusing or harder to follow. They really should’ve focused on the core team of mountain climbers and not expanded it to the other groups at the camp (some of which magically disappeared with no explanation).

While there is a lot to criticise it looks brilliant, it is performed well by the whole ensemble cast and it is a very emotionally driven script.

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Universal Entertainment

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