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Eddie the Eagle - 3.5 Stars

This feel-good movie, based on a true story is a little cliched, but very enjoyable.

The script is strong, it has the right mixture of comedy and drama. The serious moments are sometimes underplayed by witty one-liners, but this doesn’t detract from the film. It is well directed and the production overall looks wonderful.

The cast is superb, Taron Egerton is one of the strongest up-and-coming actors in Hollywood. After a stand-out performance in Kingsman: The Secret Service last year he continues to shine in this amazing performance. He perfectly encapsulates the drive, passion and geekiness of Eddie Edwards. His physical transformation is also remarkable, his likeness to the real athlete is superb.

Australian icon Hugh Jackman is also wonderful in his role. Hugh is playing an American coach, however his accent is very soft and often slips. Generally this is forgivable, but at one point he does say “good job mate,” which I’m sure an American would never say. However, Hugh’s charm, charisma and hilarious sarcasm outweighs his accent issues. Jackman isn’t the greatest actor, but he’s a crowd pleaser and you can’t help but enjoy his performance. The rapport between Egerton and Jackman is also wonderful and without this some of the humour would’ve fallen flat.

Christopher Walken was an unnecessary addition to the cast, but his 2 scenes didn’t detract too much from the film - though his speed of dialogue does slow the film down.

Overall, it’s not an overly sophisticated movie, but it is fun, has good performances and will certainly be a crowd pleaser. It’s a fun evening out.

3.5 Stars Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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