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Before I Go To Sleep - 4 Stars

This film’s combination of outstanding performances, a strong story and looking visually stunning really makes it a great film!

After suffering a terrible accident Catherine is left with no recollection of who she is. Each day she wakes, with no memory of her life including her husband Ben But before she goes to sleep, she recovers fragments from her past, flashbacks to the accident that damaged her. With the help of Dr Nash), she attempts to piece together fragments that may help her recover some link to the past, and begin to uncover a terrifying new truth that forces her to question those closest to her.

Writer and director Rowan Joffé has created a scary and intense atmosphere from the outset. The film is considerably short for a modern movie, but this means there is no time wasted and Joffé has really used every second of film to draw the viewer further in.

The film is really held by its three leading actors. Nicole Kidman plays Catherine and while she captures the fear and shock of the character she seems to struggle playing some of the more tender moments in the film. Colin Firth is superb and it is a very different character for Firth to take on. It’s very hard to say much more about his role without spoiling the film, but it is safe to say he displays his ability to play a two-faced character! Mark Strong plays Dr Nash and is the weakest of the three. He doesn’t have the greatest role to work with, but he is supposed to be likeable from an audience perspective, but he always seems to cold to like.

Overall this film is well written, has a great score, and is visually stunning. The majority of the casts give strong performances and this intriguing film is one of the better mainstream films of the year!

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening curtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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