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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice - 4 Stars

To say I was surprised by this movie is an understatement. I hated Man of Steel with a passion and my expectations of this were low to say the least. I was utterly blown away. Not only have DC created a political based film that deals with the ramifications of superhero’s actions, they’ve finally delved beyond action sequences and looked at characters.

For the first time we see an interesting Bruce Wayne, he is played superbly by Ben Affleck - Wayne is conflicted and mysterious. The audience is able to see his interactions with villains as Wayne, not Batman and this makes the character development, more interesting and relevant.

Superman (Henry Cavill) is also battling demons in this film and watching Cavill play someone struggling to find the right choice is interesting. His performance is certainly an improvement from the last film. Amy Addams’ Lois is not quite as resourceful, as I’d like - more damsel in distress, but Addams’ obvious talent means you can look past this. Gal Gadot is fantastic as Wonder Woman, we see her for too little time. Jessie Eisenberg is great as Lex, though his characterisation is reminiscent of the Joker and if Suicide Squad wasn’t coming out in August  I’d have no complaints. However, this villain seems far too similar to the pre-established, icon that is the Joker and if they ever share the screen this will become a lot more noticeable.

Overall, it has an interesting premise (which, at the premiere they kept begging for us not to spoil), good writing, interesting character development, a lot of clever fight sequences and strong performances. DC’s best film yet.

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Roadshow Films and Warner Brothers Entertainment 

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