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American Honey - 3 Stars

Shia LaBeouf’s new film is not entirely atrocious.

Just minutes into American Honey you are caught in its hypnotic story telling, its a style that feels somewhat like a home movie and a little bit like an arthouse film…The viewer is taken on a trip with our main character Star (played by newcomer Sasha Lane) as she signs up to become a traveling sales person with a bunch of other young misfits lead by Jake (Shia LaBeouf)…

From here we take a look into the lives of what its like to be on the road in a van with 11 others and having to sell magazine subscriptions to middle-class America. Along the ride we meet Krystal (Riley Keough) who does not take to kindly to our protagonist, as she sees love blossom between Star and Jake, her best salesmen who she wants to keep on track. Throughout the film we follow the tumultuous emotional journey of young love.

Shia himself delivers a fine performance, however one is left to wonder how much acting is needed for him to play a young eccentric salesman. The stand out is clearly Sasha Lane who takes so naturally to the camera you feel like you emotionally invested in her character.

Overall its a fun ride and keeps you entertained despite the lack of dialogue, a true arthouse film.

3 Stars

Review by Adam Bates

Screening courtesy of Universal Entertainment

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