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Alone in Berlin - 1.5 Stars

Beautiful cinematography fails to save this slow moving bio-pic.

Berlin, 1940. Working class couple Otto and Anna Quangel receive the news that their only son has lost his life in the battlefield and decide to resist the Nazi regime in their very own way. Soon the Gestapo is hunting "the threat".

Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson both offer strong performances, but in the end the script isn’t very well constructed. The story itself is both touching and emotional, but the characters don’t feel three-dimensional or relatable. The cinematography is great and Daniel Brühl continues to prove what a competent actor he is, but again neither save the picture.

Overall with a re-write this could’ve been a good war film, but it struggles to find its feet and the performers can’t save it.

1.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas

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