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A Royal Night Out - 1 Star

This movie had an interesting premise, but awful execution.

Within the first five minutes you are able to tell this movie isn’t very good – and from there it just keeps deteriorating.

One of the first things that annoyed me was the disjointed way the movie was edited, it felt like very little flowed and it could have almost been done as well on an iPhone.

Another element that was lacking from the film was believability – in all the trailers it is claimed the story is “based on true events,” the events in this film are so implausible that I don’t think the Monarch even needs to make a statement about their validity.  Also against the film was a poor script, the characters didn’t develop properly and elements of the story weren’t explained – though trust me the 97 minutes were long enough!

All the acting in the film also felt overly forced, especially Bel Powley’s performance as Princess Margaret that was cringe worthy and almost unbearable to watch. The only good thing about the casting was the actors’ likeness to the Royal family.

Overall unless you are a Royal family fanatic give this one a miss!

1 Star

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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