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A Few Less Men - 0.5 Stars

This movie is a sequel to a film no-one remembers and people certainly didn't ask for.

In the comedy sequel to the worldwide hit A FEW BEST MEN, David, Tom and Graham must transport their friend’s coffin back to London after a forced plane landing strands them in the middle of the Australian bush.

While there is something inherently charming about the 3 leading men the lack of plot, jokes and terrible CGI backdrops makes for an awful film. The jokes are crass and the small audience on opening day failed to laugh once. The plot thankfully was cohesive, but lacked any polish, numerous scenes, jokes and lines could've been cut in attempt to slightly redeem the film.

Overall despite having a good leading cast it is atrocious and one to avoid.

0.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Picture This!

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