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A Bigger Splash - 4 Stars

Unique, psychological suspense drama is unnerving and has you on the edge of your seat the entire film.

When a glamorous couple decide to vacation on a remote Italian island, their rest is disrupted by the sudden visit of an old friend and his luscious daughter. Suddenly, what was supposed to be a perfect romantic getaway turns into a whirlwind of jealousy, passion and danger, sparking some flames that should not necessarily be ignited.

I was never quite sure what to expect while watching the film, it is one of the only truly unpredictable films I’ve seen. Though it is obvious from the out-set that something is clearly wrong and as the film unfolds the tension only builds. It takes a truly brilliant cast to realise this film and director Lucca Guadagnino has assembled only the best to bring this thrilling film to life.

Ralph Fiennes is as you’ve never seen him before, he brings so much energy to the role it makes you wonder how much caffeine he consumed! Dakota Johnson again takes on a smaller role and she again proves she’s worth far more than 50 Shades and it’s franchise. Matthias Schoenaerts is great as the young male lead, it’s the first time he’s appeared since Far From the Madding Crowd and he proves yet again he is leading man material. Tilda Swinton intriguingly doesn’t speak most of the movie, meaning she had to put far more into her reactions, evoking a spellbinding performance.

The music, cinematography and script are all enthralling.

Overall, this film is a masterpiece of suspense, something we haven’t seen properly in cinema since Alfred Hitchcock’s cinematic years.

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Picture This!

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