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99 Homes - 3.5 Stars

Themes of corruption run strong throughout this intense film.

Michael Shannon’s performance in this is outstanding. His ability to be menacing and evil then suddenly charming and apologetic is incredible. He really make’s use of the strong writing supporting his character. Andrew Garfield is less amazing (see what I did there!) Garfield is trying too hard to be intense and break away from the Spiderman typecasting that he could easily fall into. This meant a performance that should’ve been more subtle was very over the top and he played everything with a “chip on his shoulder” kind of attitude. His performance quickly became annoying.

The plot and writing are both strong and the cinematography wasn’t overly knew or innovative, but was still engaging.

Overall Shannon’s performance is exceptional and strong writing and directing support him, but Garfield really brings the film down a notch.

3.5 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Madman Entertainment

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