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2016 in Cinema: The Year in Review

2016 has seen the release of many majorly anticipated films and some great Indie Gems, so after seeing 111 films this year here are the Top 10 and the bottom 10 films!

Bottom 10

10. Batman Vs Superman

This confusing movie initially seemed OKAY to me, but on further reflection its true atrocities came to light.

9. War Dogs

A boring, underplayed Jonah Hill film that the world really didn’t need.

8. Secret Life of Pets

Truly disastrous kid’s film proves how great Pixar is.

7. Batman: The Killing Joke

Highly anticipated adaptation of the comic book added unnecessary plot lines that just annoyed critics and audiences alike.

6. Suicide Squad

DC’s third entry on the worst list proves that they need a rest from the cinematic world.

5. Star Trek Beyond

Tedious, boring Stark Trek film failed to ignite.

4. Independence Day: Resurgence

Really. Really?

3. The Boss

Melissa McCarthy’s worst film yet.

2. Warcraft

Another terrible video game film.

1. The Divergent Series: Allegiant

A major sci-fi flop that actually had its final film cancelled.

Top 10

10. Cafe Society

Great performances and beautifully crafted by Woody Allen.

9. The H8ful Eight

A stunning Tarantino film jam-packed with amazing performances.

8. Room

It was easy to see why Brie Larson took home the Oscar for her incredibly emotional performance.

7. Spotlight

A chilling look at this true story.

6. La La Land

This movie is the most “fun” on this list, but at times it is a touching, moving and heart-breaking film. The world needs more musicals like this!

5.Everybody Wants Some

Richard Linklater has created the genre “Southern Americans do nothing” and is masterful at creating films for it. Everything about this was perfect.

4. Sing Street

John Carney’s first major success since Once is a triumph!

3. High Rise

A beautiful film that has some important, yet scary real-world messages.

2. Neon Demon

This scary, powerful and beautiful indie horror film is one of the best films of the year. It offers a scary insight into the modeling world.

1. Nocturnal Animals

A sublime piece of artwork that is phenomenal in every way!

Article by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Thanks to Palace Nova Cinemas, Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Madman Films, Universal Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Roadshow films and Walt Disney Entertainment for screenings over the past year.

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