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2014 in Movies - The Best and the Worst

2014 has seen the release of many majorly anticipated films, so after seeing 50 films this year here are the Top 10 and the bottom 10 films!

Bottom 10

10.Begin Again

Begin Again was John Carney’s first major film since his award winning film “Once.” There were high expectations, but all he did was retell the exact same story with different characters - a major let down!

9.The Maze Runner

Another highly anticipated adaptation of a popular teenage fiction novel. While the acting was average the story and depth of the characters lacked and it was obvious the film makers were trying to capitalize of the popularity of other teenage fiction adaptations!

8.Jersey Boys

Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys was billed as a musical, but became a movie with music. It was an oversold film and lacked any life.


This rather bizarre comedy has won awards all over the world at film festivals, but I fail to see the appeal. It’s based on the true story of “Frank” a singer who wore a large cardboard head. While the acting was strong the whole filmed seemed a pit pointless!

6.Kill The Messenger

The trailer for this film really made is seem like an intense strong story, based on actual events. After seeing the film you realize they made a mountain out of a mole-hill. This film really has nothing going for it!

5.Transformers: Age of Extinction

This was Transformers 4. No more needs saying.


This Australian film only got limited release in Australia, but those who saw it raved about it. The plot was far-fetched, even for Science Fiction and really seemed impossible based on the rules the writers had actually set themselves!

3.Billy Elliot the Musical LIVE

Having never seen the Billy Elliot Musical live I was quite looking forward to this broadcast. It was one of the longest and worst musicals I ever seen. Elton John’s music was terrible and the acting and dance routines were abominable, I really can’t see the appeal of this musical!!

2.The Equalizer

Doesn’t a film about a ex-agent who now works at a hardware store killing people in exceptionally graphic ways to take other people’s revenger for them sound fun? Nope I didn’t think so.

1. Interstellar

The film that was supposed to be brilliant and astounding was anything but “stellar.” It featured bad acting, a bad stroy and it was a waste of 3 hours.

Top 10

10. My Old Lady

Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline give Oscar worthy performances in this adaptation of the famous play!

9.NT LIVE: Medea

Helen McCrory is superb as Medea in this slightly modernized adaptation of the Greek Tragedy.

8.Magic in the Moonlight

This classic Woody Allen film proves that he hasn’t lost his touch and the paring of Colin Firth and Emma Stone was unlikely, but superb!

7.The Immigrant

This film had only very limited screenings Australia wide, but is utterly superb. The 3 lead actors all give outstanding performances and this is definitely worth picking up on DVD!


This movie is the most “fun” on this list, but at times it is a touching, moving and sometimes heart-breaking film. The cast are superb and the true story is remarkable!

5.The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

One of the most anticipated films of the year lived up to its expectations!


This emotional and intense thriller had many parallels to real life and delivered a powerful message and warning.

3.A Most Wanted Man

This was one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s final performances and the film is outstanding.


This graphic, emotional and shocking war movie demonstrates the outstanding talent of its ensemble cast!


Another limited release film that really shines. Serena is a piece of art. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are superb together and the plot, cinematography, acting and film style and all perfect. This really was the best film of the year!

Article by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Thanks to Palace Nova Cinemas, Icon Films, Roadshow films and Walt Disney Entertainment for screenings over the past year.

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