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Terminator Genisys - 4 Stars

I’ll be back. Arnold Schwarzenegger first uttered those words nearly 30 years ago, yet today the latest Terminator packs a punch that should blow Jurassic World right out of the park.

This movie is packed with everything, action, humour, strong performances and even a decent storyline – for an action film anyway.  I’ve never seen the original Terminator movie, but this still was really enjoyable for me to watch. Emilia Clarke was a superb Sarah Connor and her performance had the right mix of heart, as well as being a fairly intense character. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Terminator for the first time in 12 years, however his performance is still remarkable. His comedic timing was remarkable and his action scenes were far superior to any other action actor! His battle with his younger self was incredibly well done and original fans of Terminator will love it!

One fantastic element of this movie is the fact that two Australians play lead roles – Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke. These Aussie actors both shine in their roles, especially Jason Clarke as John Connor – he gives one of the most convincing performances in the whole film.

The effects and music were superb; the script was full of laughs – as well as ridiculous actions scenes.

Overall this is an action packed, romp from beginning to end with fabulous performances and I’m definitely looking forward to the next instalment of the franchise. This is a must see for Terminator fans and fans of the action genre, this is by far one of the best movies ever in this genre!

4 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Sreening courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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