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Good Time - 3 Stars

With a clearly over inflated sense of self-worth Good Time boasts beautiful visuals and a strong performance from Robert Pattinson.

After a heist goes awry, a bank robber tries to free his brother from Rikers Island, all in one night.

The script has a good premise, but there are a few issues. Firstly the clunky dialogue, some characters speak naturally, while others have been written without human emotion. Secondly too much happens in the space of one night, it just isn’t believable. Robert Pattinson’s performance is probably his best, while Benny Safdie’s performance seems like a caricature. Jennifer Jason Leigh is devastatingly under-utilised, but as always is strong.

Visually the film is striking and the music is exceptional - if at times a little loud.

Overall a film that could’ve been better, but has enough going for it to still be passable.

3 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of HiGloss Entertainment

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