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Collateral Beauty - 2 Stars

A great premise with poor delivery.

Retreating from life after a tragedy, a man questions the universe by writing to Love, Time and Death. Receiving unexpected answers, he begins to see how these things interlock and how even loss can reveal moments of meaning and beauty.

I was actually excited about Will Smith’s new film, it looked like an interesting insight into grief. Instead it feature non-relatable, selfish characters and a very weak script. The ending of this film is so cliché it actually hurt to watch. There are a number of blatantly obvious plot-holes, which can’t be missed and the writers make no effort to hide or answer these. The dialogue is forced and Will Smith is left with almost nothing to do or say in his own movie!

It is fair to say, however, that every single performer is fantastic - that’s where this film earns its merit. Keira Knightly, Helen Mirren and Jacob Latimore shine brightest as Love, Death and Time, their passion and commitment to the film is hugely noticeable. Kate Winslet, Edward Norton and Michael Peña add to the huge ensemble cast, but aren’t utilised well. Naomi Harris plays her small, but pivotal role, however the film’s twist (of which she is involved) is very predictable. Will Smith does a good job with what he is given, but it isn’t enough for him to really get to act.

Overall with a different script this could’ve been great. Not worth the watch.

2 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment

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