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By The Sea - 0 Stars

Angelina Jolie Pitt’s self indulgence has hit a new low with this film she has written, directed, produced and stared in. You can barely even call it a film. It’s an insult to cinema, good taste and the audience.

It is honestly one of the worst pieces of cinema I have ever seen, there must be a total of 2 pages of dialogue across a 131-minute movie and nothing was really done to progress the story. There were countless unnecessary shots of the back of Angelina’s head (maybe she doesn’t get to see that part of herself often, so while directing decided to have at least 25 shots of it). The performances are abysmal on all parts and I almost feel sorry for Brad Pitt who is obviously obliged to do this – being married to her and all.

Never in the 200+ films I’ve reviewed have I seen 5 separate groups of people leave with over 1/2hr to go and not return. I have also never seen people start getting ready to leave before the credits even started rolling. The audience were so mind-numbingly bored that they couldn’t cope.

The film sort of looked nice and it was obviously aiming to be an art-house film, a genre that I love – but this is an offence to the genre and no one should ever be made to watch this. It hasn’t even made 1/10 of it’s budget in cinemas yet and I don't think Australians are going to contribute much more to that total.

Avoid this film like the plague – it’s a waste of 2hrs and I hope this puts an end to Angelina Jolie Pitt’s short-lived directing and writing careers. I do not want to ever have to sit through something like this again!

0 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Universal Entertainment

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