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Blood Father - 3 Stars

Mel Gibson’s return to the big screen is remarkably enjoyable, but a critically terrible film.

BLOOD FATHER follows John Link, a grizzled ex-con on parole, working as a tattoo artist from a beat-up trailer. His life takes a sudden turn when teenaged daughter Lydia resurfaces two years after running away from home, chased by angry drug dealers trying to kill her.

I’m in two minds about this movie - on one hand it’s a very good action film, with ridiculous action sequences, witty humour and just a lot of fun. However, when critically examined - its atrocious - while the actors have a rapport Gibson’s performance is really, really bad - he’s almost playing himself. The gangsters feel like stereotypes and his daughter isn’t a very well written character.

Overall, this movie is a lot of fun and if you’re a fan of action movies you can’t miss it, its in a very similar vain to die-hard. However, if you want a critically strong movie - this isn’t the one for you.

3 Stars

Review by Benjamin Maio Mackay

Screening courtesy of Palace Nova Cinemas 

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