Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage is Benjamin Maio Mackay’s production company.

Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage’s current online venture is Benjamin Maio Mackay’s Talk 2 Me! Join host, Benjamin Maio Mackay as he talks to the greats of the entertainment world! You can stream Talk 2 Me! here or iTunes.

The first of our series of audio dramas, based off Chris Morphew’s best-selling novels, The Phoenix Files is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. It stars BAFTA nominee Paul McGann and Australian acting legend, John Jarratt. Further details can be found under The Phoenix Files section of the website or at

Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage’s multi-awarded nominated show, Great Detectives has played over 40 shows and will return for 3 more in the Adelaide Fringe 2017.

Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage

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